Phoenix Contact Offer A Full Range Of Round-plug Connectors From M5 to M58

Round-plug connectorsPhoenix Contact expands its product line with the new M17, M23, and M40 round-plug connectors. This means a full range of plug connectors from M5 to M58 are now available for signal, data, and power transmission.

The three new models M17, M23, and M40 add moulded round-plug connectors to the portfolio. The straight and angled plug connectors are available for signal transmission with up to 17 pins. Six and eight pins are available to transfer power of up to 70 A. The new moulded, angled M23 can be rotated by 240 degrees, allowing conductors to flexibly and easily exit any device in various directions.

Another new addition to the range is the Advance product line with freely configurable, EMC-protected M23 round-plug connectors for signal transmission with up to 19 connections. All new plug connectors are also optionally available with the Speedcon quick-locking system for quick installation in just half a turn.

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