Socomec Masterclass In Maximising Energy and Cost Savings

Socomec UPS rangeSocomec exhibited the latest advances in multi-disciplinary integrated power systems at the Association of University Engineers’ annual conference, held at Goldsmiths in September.  

Socomec’s solutions have been designed to help University Facilities Managers resolve the increasingly important and complex energy challenges associated with managing educational estates.

Improving energy efficiency is at the heart of every business and organisation.  The impact of rising energy bills on an organisation’s bottom line combined with demanding legislative requirements mean that the responsible management of energy usage is the concern of everyone.  The Association of University Engineers promotes the development of knowledge and skills of University Engineers and maintains and protects educational Estates and Building – optimising energy performance and realising cost savings is top of the agenda.

Andrew Wilkinson, Regional Managing Director of Socomec comments: “At Socomec we are increasingly looking at how we can integrate technology from each of our four business applications in order to provide complete solutions that optimise efficiency and address the major challenges for Facilities Managers today – and in the future.”

On show were Socomec’s industry leading Green Power 2.0 UPS solutions; with unity power factor and the highest total efficiency on the market, energy savings are up to 50% compared to legacy UPS, thus enabling Green Power 2.0 to dramatically reduce Total Cost of Ownership.  

Units are available from 10 kW to 400 kW and the Green Power 2.0 range of UPS provides users with full-rated power (kW = kVA) supporting full loads up to 35 °C in accordance with IEC 62040-3 - with 25% more power compared to UPS with PF = 0.8 and 11% more power compared to UPS with PF = 0.9.

As the market leader in energy metering for over 20 years, Socomec also showcased its latest software package that delivers measurable and sustainable results, enabling optimum levels of control over energy usage.

Using the very latest web technology, Socomec’s Vertelis aM&T software suite provides advanced energy management solutions enabling the complete and remote control of utilities consumption.

Vertelis is intuitive and scalable: with accurate multi fluid consumption measurement, centralised data capture and analysis combined with results that are clearly displayed and easy to share, managers are now able to perform truly effective diagnostics.  The result is that energy optimisation measures can be clearly identified and implemented – with significant cost savings of up to 30%.

Wilkinson comments, “To effect real change it is vital that everyone within an organisation understands their role regarding energy efficiency and the impact that their actions have.  Vertelis enables an advanced understanding of sites, buildings and processes, therefore reducing energy consumption, costs and emissions.  Furthermore, Vertelis Hyperview supports internal and external communication by providing customised, full-screen dashboards in key areas to inform, educate and ultimately drive behaviour.”

Socomec’s well-established instrumentation solutions – Countis and Diris – provide support to new installations in terms of energy metering, power monitoring and power quality analysis for the most demanding infrastructures.  Socomec also supplies a range of monitoring devices that can be fitted retrospectively.    

In addition to instrumentation and software, Socomec provides a complete range of engineering and project support services throughout the product lifecycle in order to optimise efficiency, system performance and robustness at all times - and to ensure that an organisation’s unique requirements are met through customised solutions where appropriate.

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