The Quint Oring Active Redundancy For High System Availability

Quint Oring active redundancy moduleThe Quint Oring active redundancy module for an output current of 80 A is a new addition to the Phoenix Contact’s line that already includes 20 A and 40 A models.

For the first time ever, there is a solution available that makes it possible to significantly increase the operational reliability of the overall redundant power supply concept for high-rated power PSUs.

In addition to decoupling, continuous monitoring is also extremely important. In order to detect critical operating states early on, the modules provide information on the output voltages of the power supply units, defects in the wiring or decoupling section, and the present load current. Permanently monitoring the load current offers an important advantage when expanding or upgrading systems. If additional loads are connected to a redundant power supply when expanding the plant or system, this can result in a loss of redundancy. The system operator will immediately be aware of a loss of redundancy as the Oring module signals the overload condition.

The ACB (Auto Current Balancing) technology doubles the service life of the redundant power supplies, ensuring that both units work under the same load. The load current is automatically distributed in a balanced manner. The 1 x 20 A, 1 x 40 A, and 1 x 80 A modules are suitable for DC voltages of 18 to 30 V. The 32, 38, and 66 mm wide units are simply snapped into place on the mounting rail. Admirably suited to industrial environments, they operate at ambient temperatures extending from -25 °C all the way up to +70 °C and carry continuous currents of 2 x 15 A, 2 x 26 A, or 2 x 45 A at ambient temperatures up to +40 °C.

The Quint Oring redundancy module uses MOSFETs for decoupling instead of the usual Schottky or silicon diodes, therefore saving up to 70 percent energy. Using two positive output terminals, the wiring can be redundantly routed to the loads

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