Plugtrab The Intelligent Surge Protection with Push-in Connection Technology

Plugtrab PT-IQPhoenix Contact's surge protection devices Plugtrab PT-IQ for measurement & control and data technology provide intelligent monitoring of every voltage limiting component of a protective circuit.

The push-in connection technology enables significantly faster wiring of the individual protection modules. Rigid conductors and flexible ones equipped with end sleeves can be inserted directly into the terminal sockets quickly and without fatigue. No special tools are needed to disconnect wires. An integrated button allows you to disconnect each wire easily by pressing it with a small flat blade or cross head screwdriver.

The surge protection device offers further advantages when it comes to installation: A controller supplies up to 28 protection devices with voltage over mounting rail connectors. At the same time the status of all protection devices is transferred to the controller. The wiring work is minimized, as the supply as well as remote signalling of an entire strip of protection devices is done from a central location.

The Plugtrab surge protection devices allow immediate detection of any pre-damage due to high energy surges. The function status of every surge protection device is indicated and remotely signalled on multiple levels.

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