Custom Made Television & Monitor Enclosures

CE-TEK tv shield enclosureTelevisions and monitors are now a common sight in many public places. From providing entertainment in both indoor and outdoor public places to giving vital information, instructions and data in industrial and possibly harsh and hazardous areas it is quite often essential that the equipment is protected from unauthorised interference and the elements.

The TV Shield™ enclosures from CE-TEK offer security and protection for screen sizes 19 to 26 inches, 30 to 47 inches and 50 to 60 inches.

The HMWP plastic construction of these enclosures is the same material that is used in the construction of children’s playground slides and offers good rigidity and a high level of durability and impact resistance. The front cover is manufactured from LEXAN polycarbonate – a shatter resistant material used in the construction of bullet-proof police riot shields.

When closed this unit is waterproof and dustproof and the use of two chambered barrel locks ensure that it is also tamperproof. When unlocked a riveted top mounted piano hinge allows access to the housed apparatus.

To enable a versatile choice of siting location options The TV Shield™ employs pre-moulded VESA mounting points.
The TV Shield™ can be used in home gardens, pool areas, near hot tubs, in restaurants, as digital signage housing, in stadiums, on boats in docks and marinas, games rooms, schools and education centres, Gyms and fitness centres, hospitals, shopping centres, airports, hotels, prisons, at trade shows and corporate events and many industrial locations that require a waterproof, dustproof and secure installation.

Accessories are also available from CE-TEK and include:
Cooling fans, solar-control film (for use in direct sunlight), non-abrasive polycarbonate cleaning and polishing products that are free from harsh chemicals and moisture control dehumidifying gel that combats damp in high humidity areas.

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