Businesses Risk Unexpected Costs As EU Ban On Halogen Lamps Set To Come Into Effect

Many businesses remain unaware of the EU ban on widely used halogen lighting and risk facing unexpected costs when they need to replace their existing lamps.

Planned Lighting Maintenance (PLM) is highlighting the impact of the Energy Related Products (ERP) Directive to help retailers avoid costly surprises when the latest stage of legislation is due to come into effect in September 2013. Bans on MR16 low voltage halogen, GU10, AR111 and capsule lights are set to follow in 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Geoff Coffin, Sales and Marketing Director at the retail and commercial lighting maintenance specialists says: “Rather than being an additional headache for businesses already facing tough trading conditions, this legislation can actually help them to minimise costs by investing in energy efficient lighting. Taking the time to understand and plan their replacement programmes now can reap huge benefits in the future.”

“Lower wattage lamps with improved technology to maintain or improve light levels and new advances in LED luminaires all reduce energy consumption and, as a result, electricity bills. Indeed we typically expect to see a return on investment within 36 months of installation.”

Fat Face is one company that has benefited from future-proofing lighting after an LED trial at their Southsea branch revealed potential maintenance and energy savings of around £600,000 across Fat Face’s entire estate over the five year contract period. Replacing all mains and low voltage halogen GU10, MR16, AR111 and GLS lamps with direct replacement LED lamps.

Geoff says: “As well as increasing light levels and significantly reducing the ambient temperature in the store, Fat Face are now protected against future legislation. What’s more the energy savings and reduced maintenance costs achieved effectively cover the cost of our lighting maintenance and their investment in LED technology.”

PLM has produced a White Paper to help businesses understand the new legislation and the options available to them. It can be downloaded from


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