ETAP E7 LEDs Now Also Illuminate Large Spaces

With the brand-new E7, ETAP launches a series of individual and in-line luminaires with LEDs to illuminate large spaces. The series uses ETAP's LED+LENS™ technology and provides modular solutions for the lighting of industrial halls, warehouses, sports centres, stores and public buildings.

Advanced LED technology
With the E7, ETAP adds a new series to its LED range. This time the LED+LENS™ technology was fully geared to large spaces, which require a considerable amount of light. Once again the combination of high-power LEDs and advanced lenses provides sophisticated light distribution and optimal efficiency.

A sea of light from a compact luminaire
Thanks to high-power LEDs, E7 luminaires produce light output up to 6,000 lumen per metre. The lenses' patented surface structure softens the LED light with minimum loss. The result is a highly specific luminous flux (up to 100 lm/W) and maximum visual comfort – critical in workplaces, retail environments or busy public buildings (UGR < 19 or 22, depending on the type of lens).

E7 luminaires are compact: driver, wiring and optics form one integrated and minimalist unit. They are made from anodised aluminium, which contributes to optimal heat dissipation.

The E7 series is highly flexible. The luminaires are available in several lengths: 1, 2 or 4 metres. They can be installed individually or inline and are available in surface-mounted or suspended version.

But there’s more. One of the major advantages of LEDs is that the length of the luminaire no longer depends on the length of the lamp, as in fluorescent lighting. The amount of light can be perfectly geared to your lighting needs. You can choose from a single or double row of LEDs, the number of LEDs per metre is also flexible.

High quality LEDs and excellent thermal management result in high lumen retention. After 50,000 burning hours, LEDs retain a luminous flux of no less than 96%, which also contributes to reducing the number of luminaires and cutting installed power.

E7 is fitted with lenses which ensure that the light hits the correct target and no energy is wasted on the undesirable scattering of light. You can choose between four light distributions - wide-angle, medium-angle and narrow-angle or asymmetric light distribution

Easy to use and maintain
Ease of installation was also taken on board. After installing the bracket, the E7 can be mounted in one step: hook the luminaires into the bracket and snap into place. Only two suspension points are needed per luminaire, even for the longest 4-metre version. For line systems one suspension point per luminaire is sufficient, plus another one at the beginning of each line.

The long service life of the LEDs makes lamp replacement redundant so that you won't have to worry about maintenance. An important advantage in the context of large spaces, where lamp replacement is not always easy. The E7 luminaires are equipped on top with a polycarbonate cover plate, which provides electrical safety and protects against dust. A cover plate is also available as an option for the bottom, which protects against dust and dirt (IP 40) and which is easy to clean.

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