New Luminaires Brochure from GlassGuard®

GlassGiuard Luminaires BrochureGlassGuard®, manufacturer of Europe's widest range of fragment retention lamps, has produced a new brochure to showcase the company’s range of luminaires.

GlassGuard® luminaires are designed to provide the highest level of protection for applications that have a need to protect their lighting, especially those businesses involved in the food processing and packaging industries. All GlassGuard® luminaires featured in the brochure come with the added-value and protection of GlassGuard BlackBand® fragment retention lamps for a safer lighting solution.

The new brochure includes detailed information on the GlassGuard® SB range of Luminaires, designed to maximise a unique combination of energy efficiency, improved lighting and safer maintenance qualities. In addition,  the brochure explains the range of optional extras, including LumaStat® a hand-held daylight sensor control which works with the GlassGuard® SB range to make the most of ambient daylight and deliver energy savings of up to 60%, and LumaLift, a lighting hoist designed specifically for locations with high ceilings or awkward access.

Also featured in the new brochure is GlassGuard®’s range of diffuserless IP65 fluorescent fittings which not only reduces maintenance costs but also increases lumen output.

To request a copy of the brochure, which is also available in German, French and Spanish language versions, call 01842 763 752 or download a copy from


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