SOCOMEC Recognised by Frost and Sullivan as Providing “Unparalleled Quality, Innovation and Customization

Socomec and Frost & SullivanSocomec UPS has been recognized with a prestigious European Frost & Sullivan award – Product Differentiation Excellence 2013 – and has been described as delivering “unparalleled quality, innovation and customization” through its use of cutting-edge technology to meet market needs.

Describing the factors that set Socomec apart from the competition, Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Gautham Gnanajothi notes, “Socomec’s product differentiation excellence mainly stems from the fact that it designs and develops products that match the market needs.  For instance, the company is currently focusing on two main market trends; the need to reduce the cost of energy along with the emergence of alternative energy sources, and the need for customers to efficiently estimate their power requirements.”

Socomec firmly believes in designing products with value-added features and functionalities – across all power ranges. The entire portfolio offers features that enhance performance, reliability and total protection. Socomec strongly advocates on-line double conversion (V.F.I or voltage frequency independent) mode for operation - the only working mode that guarantees total load protection along with reduced energy bills.  Its UPS products are designed to assure high efficiency, not only at full load, but also at partial load and under every possible working condition.

The high focus on quality is inherent within the design phase - efficiency and fault tolerance are priorities. Socomec is one of the first companies in the industry to employ an innovative “3-Level” technology in its UPS products, incorporating sophisticated power converters with fully digital controls.  It is with this technology that Socomec offers industry leading efficiency of 96% in the on-line double conversion mode. The company also enforces some of the most rigorous tests in its plants to ensure highest quality for the units it produces.

“Providing customized solutions to end-users is one of the key strategies of Socomec and the company has dedicated departments to handle customization,” noted Gnanajothi. “As a part of this strategy, it continues to focus and develop both transformer-based and transformer-less UPS systems, whereas its competitors focus mainly on transformer-less designs.”

In addition to its engineering and project management department that specializes in defining bespoke recommendations for specific requirements, Socomec has a dedicated service team responsible for creating customized service solutions.

Frost & Sullivan describe Socomec as “a company that promises product innovation to address industry challenges such as efficiency, availability and floor space. It boasts of high customer retention and customer satisfaction, which it has acquired over the years by delivering top of the class products. It maintains excellent proximity with its customers in order to understand their needs better and come up with products that demonstrate unique features and functionalities.

In recognition of its capability to deliver extraordinary levels of quality, innovation and customization of the highest magnitude, Socomec is the worthy recipient of the 2013 Frost & Sullivan Differentiation Excellence Award.”

Andrew Wilkinson, Regional Managing Director Socomec comments, “We are delighted to have been recognized with this industry award.  Socomec is firmly committed to delivering innovation that matches our customers’ evolving needs in terms of efficiency and performance; innovation that delivers measurable and sustainable benefits to our customers today and in the years to come.”

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