GlassGuard® Helps Spanish Company to Meet its Food Safety Lighting Requirement

When a co-operative enterprise in Valencia, Spain renewed its portfolio of food safety standards, it turned to fragment retention lamp specialists GlassGuard® to satisfy the compliance criteria required to protect its lighting.

Cooperative Vitivinicola de la Pobla del Duc, (part of the Annecoop Group, Europe’s leading supplier of fruit) processes fruit for export to a number of major retailers worldwide, including Aldi in the UK.

In a pre-audit inspection, relating to lamps positioned above its production and packaging area, it was found that existing lamps were not protected and therefore posed a serious risk of contamination to produce.

As schemes such as GLOBALG.A.P.’s Integrated Farm Assurance state that it is “a major must” for light bulbs and fixtures suspended above produce to be protected or shielded to prevent contamination of food, Vitivinicola de la Pobla del Duc replaced their existing lamps with 250w GlassGuard® coated High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps in its 2500m2 production and packaging room.

Silvan Albert, Quality Technician at Cooperative Vitivinicola de la Pobla del Duc says: “Following requests from our customers and to improve our competitiveness, it was important for us to extend our GLOBALG.A.P. Certification to the warehouse area where the fruit is handled.

“One of the biggest issues we faced was that all the luminaires (about 30) had to be protected in accordance to the ‘major must’ requirement of the Certification. Changing the fitting and protecting the bulbs was a big investment to meet this requirement. This is why we chose GlassGuard® fragment retention lamps as they offer a safer solution and provide an added-value investment.”

GlassGuard® produces Europe’s widest range of fragment retention lamps, manufactured to EN 61549, providing an ideal solution for those looking to satisfy the lighting requirements stipulated by food safety standards such as BRC and IFS.

GlassGuard® fragment retention lamps are treated with a technologically advanced fluoropolymer coating which, in the event of accidental breakage, retain all of the broken glass safely within the coating thus protecting the site and produce.

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