Fibox Education Centre Opens in Germany

Fibox is pleased to announce the opening of their fully equipped Education Centre, located within their European hub in Germany.

In addition to hosting in-house product training seminars, the facility is equipped with an assortment of video conferencing packages to enable "distance training" to be carried out globally without the need for travel.

Technical Remote Viewing is a highly structured and standardised technique that allows customers to consistently obtain accurate information, on demand, using a rigorously applied set of web based protocols. This offers OEM product developers a unique ability to acquire accurate direct knowledge of the company’s specific products and enclosure systems.

Now fully opened; this state-of-the-art training is offered to Fibox personnel and customers through Webinars, seminars and other training information and resources to;

1. Receive product training and advice on existing ranges.
2. Receive new product launches.
3. Discuss specific projects.
4. Analyse competitor’s ranges.

Fibox customers will also be able to gain exclusive immediate access to support staff and technical design engineers who are available for real time assistance and discussion.

As well as instant access to product technology, the new Education facility will also include pre-programmed video lectures, classroom-style training modules, monitored technology sessions, enclosure development modules and online instructor feedback via the product training forums and live personalised tutoring.

Fibox UK Managing Director, Steve Gallon said, “We are confident this new addition to our Product Management function will prove very popular and worthwhile”.

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