Luxonic Launches New Slimlux® LED

Luxonic Slimlux® LEDLuxonic Lighting, one of the UK leaders in LED luminaire systems, has introduced Slimlux® LED, a range of recessed and suspended luminaires to provide continuous lines of light.

Slimlux® LED incorporates high-output white versions to accompany the established RGB colour change modules.  

Luxonic Lighting’s Slimlux® LED is designed to give a homogenous-lit appearance over virtually any length based on a 300mm module, at outputs equivalent to and exceeding T5 high efficiency lamps. Where different requirements exist, such as different length modules or lumen packages, many options are available to generate a bespoke configuration.

The aluminium body of Slimlux® LED has slim dimensions of just 66mm wide and 100mm deep, and the luminaires use high efficiency reflectors with a satin micro-prism lens. Slimlux® LED has a highly flexible nature, with an optimally balanced light package producing a uniform lit appearance and high luminous efficacy.

Luxonic always uses the highest quality LEDs, integrating them into its products in a way that leads to a flawless lit appearance, application-optimised light distribution and system-wide reliability.  

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