Architainment Lighting Introduces Higher Lumen and Compact Versions of Reach Powercore

Architainment Lighting Ltd is pleased to announce it will supply two new versions of the popular Reach Powercore LED floodlight from Philips Color Kinetics.

The specialist lighting solutions provider has introduced the Reach Powercore gen2 and Reach Powercore Compact families to its diverse portfolio of high quality lighting and controls. Both versions are available in colour-changing, solid colour, static white, and tunable white options making them a viable choice for a range of installation.

The second generation of the Reach Powercore family combines all the great features of the original version but with a significantly higher overall lumen package, particularly the ColorReach Powercore gen2 which offers an impressive 64% increase from 5,211 to 8,488 lumens. Offering light projection of up to 665 ft (202.7 m), and a 5° native beam angle, the ColorReach Powercore gen2 is ideal for illuminating large-scale buildings and structures, many of which Architainment Lighting has previously lit using the standard size ColorReach Powercore floodlight. This includes landmarks such as Waterloo Bridge, County Hall, Selfridges, House of Fraser, Gateshead Millennium Bridge and the Natural History Museum.

Along with a dramatic advancement in lumen output, the Reach Powercore gen2 has a unique split design whereby each half of the fixture is individually addressable and controllable, allowing one spread lens on the lower half to bathe a large façade with light from street level, and a different lens to project light hundreds of feet up the building’s walls. Exchangeable spread lenses are also available and support a variety of photometric distributions for applications including spotlighting, wall grazing, and asymmetric wall washing. All new versions of the Reach Powercore are available with exchangeable spread lenses of 8°, 13°, 23°, 40°, 63°, and an asymmetric 5° x 17°.

Compact versions of the Philips Color Kinetics Reach Powercore family are now also available from Architainment Lighting. Specifically designed for large-scale installations such as sky rise buildings, bridges and themed attractions, the Reach Compact Powercore delivers levels of intense, cost-effective light output and projection. As with the standard size Reach Powercore, the Compact series integrates Powercore technology, delivering line voltage and data to fixtures over a single cable.

Commenting on the new additions to the company’s product portfolio, Architainment Lighting Sales Director, Paul Rees said: “We’re thrilled that we can now offer our customers the gen2 and Compact models from the Philips Color Kinetics Reach Powercore family. The overall lumen package of the Reach Powercore gen2 will have a great impact on how we light large-scale structures, and the Reach Compact Powercore range will lend itself to projects where smaller fixtures with a big impact are required.”

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