Mercury Lighting Control from Hamilton

Hamilton VetroPlateAs energy costs escalate, energy efficiency is becoming a fundamental prerequisite of any project and the advent of LED lighting is a key element in reducing these costs.

Hamilton’s redesigned Hamilton’s Mercury® Lighting Control system offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for controlling basic day-to-day lighting scenarios from simple dimming through to scene-setting programmes – and has been successfully tested with many of the available dimmable LED lamp brands.

Hamilton has also made the system even simpler for installers, launching the DK1 package – designed to be a self-contained Mercury® ‘starter pack’. The DK1 contains one four-channel pack (for the control of four circuits), a wall-mounted button controller and a hand-held remote control. It also includes a non-dimmable fifth channel, which is activated along with the first channel and stays on for approximately four minutes, making it ideal for a bathroom extractor fan or similar function. The encased dimmer hub is easily accessible and simple to wire in, and the on-board dip switch makes it easy to add more channels and extra functionality at a later date if required.

The system is easy to install, simple to programme and can be integrated with other products including the Mercury® Multi-room Audio system for an entire lighting and sound package. Control options include switch plates in a variety of designs, infra-red remote control and wireless control via iPad and iPhone using the downloadable app.  

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