Phoenix Contact Introduces Diagnostics Anywhere

Diagnostics AnywhereWith the use of Foundation Fieldbus increasing throughout the world, and as the demands for maximising system availability puts more pressure on the users and operators to provide a greater indication on information and diagnostic measurements.

Phoenix Contact have designed a new product through innovation and development with the industry that gives the user more accurate information to do just that.

Traditionally, Foundation Fieldbus diagnostics are measured from the control room even though a typical Fieldbus segment can reach over 1Km in length.

Is this the correct place to perform diagnostics relevant to what is happening in the field? Would you prefer the information to come to the control room directly from the field?

For example, any noise measured in the control room could be far greater in the field due to cable losses and could be happening anywhere, this would need manual investigation taking time, effort and money.

Phoenix Contact understand that accurate diagnostics from the field play a big part in managing and maintaining up-time throughout the system and therefore the correct place to measure is in the field.

Phoenix Contact are now introducing the idea of “Diagnostics Anywhere” with the modular Field Monitoring Device that can be installed anywhere within the existing Fieldbus system The information is read in the control room enabling the user to identify what’s going on in the field and take preventative steps as and when it happens to ensure the process is uninterrupted or, if needed, downtime kept to a minimum.

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