Novarius- Intelligent, Automatic and Responsive Dimming from b,a,g

Intelligent lighting solutions manufacturer, b,a,g, Electronics has launched Novarius,  a control gear specifically designed for outdoor luminaires and featuring energy saving geoDIM Technology.

Novarius is for use with high-intensity discharge lamps and offers intelligent dimming automatically without compromising safety.  The unit incorporating geoDIM technology automatically responds to regional and seasonal variations in night-time cycles using no additional cables and can determine the actual length of night based on the local switch on/off over two 24 hour periods.  The unit can work in all degrees of latitudes from the equator to the 65. Parallel near the Arctic Circle.

An ideal product for local authorities wanting to be ‘green’, this is a quick, easy to install way of saving energy without losing the security of lighting. Especially as authorities that have switched off the street lighting totally have been getting bad press. The geoDIM technology also increases the service life of the lamp thus further significantly reducing maintenance costs even further.  
Novarius also provides unique protection against lightening strikes as the unit can accept voltage peaks of up to 10kV.

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