New CAPUS®EasyUse Switch Disconnectors and Changeover Switches from Woehner

CAPUS®EasyUseAs part of their on-going product development and in order to achieve a one-stop shop solution for their busbar systems integrators Woehner have launched their own range of panel mounted Switch Disconnectors and Changeover Switches.

From 125A to 3150A for Switch Disconnectors and up to 1000A for Changeover Switches they are available in both 3 pole and 3 pole + N versions. With On-load switching of both  AC and DC for inductive and capacitive loads of up to 1000V and with Double Break contacts and short circuit ratings up to 100kA they are certain to have a switch to meet your system needs.
Details of the full range of Panel mounted Switch Disconnectors and Changeover switches along with all associated accessories for this new product range can be found in the new 2013 product catalogue available now from Woehner UK Ltd.

Download the 2013 catalogue here

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