New Mini ZENIGATA LEDs with a round light emitting surface from Sharp

New compared to previous models is the round form of the light emitting surface (LES) of the new product generation of Sharp's Mini ZENIGATA LEDs.

Due to their circular LES, modules of type GW6BxxxxHED have qualities similar to a high-performance point light source. Compared to earlier models and to conventional multipoint light sources, they require simpler optics. The narrow dimensions combined with the small, round LES enable a high degree of flexibility in design even for compact lights with an extremely narrow dispersion angle, as is especially required for down-lights / spotlights. The base for the new Mini ZENIGATA LEDs continues to be a substrate of technical ceramic (Aluminium oxide Al2O3) with dimensions of 15 mm x 12 mm x 1.6 mm. Mechanically, the new modules are fully compatible - not only with earlier models but also within the different performance classes. As a result, they can be easily integrated into existing designs, and luminaire manufacturers are able to develop luminaire series with the same lighting housing in different performance- and brightness classes based on the new Mini ZENIGATA COB LEDs.

The new generation includes five different series: the 6 W, 7 W, 9 W, 12 W and 15 W. The different series differs concerning forward voltage and current. The 12 W version is available in two configurations: One driven with a forward current of 320 mA at 36 V and the other with a current of 640 mA at 18 V. Excepting that the 7 W is specified with 15 V, all other series are specified with a forward voltage of 36 V, however differ with regard to the current. The 6 W is operated with 160 mA, the 9 W with 240 mA and the 15 W with 400 mA. However, the model series may also be operated with a higher constant current in order to achieve higher luminous flux. With a forward current of 260 mA luminous flux, the 6 W COB LEDs are able to achieve up to 830 lumen whilst the 15 W arrays can achieve up to 2055 lm with an input of 650 mA.

The colour temperatures of the new white light LED arrays are within the 2,700 to 5,000 Kelvin range with the shadings “natural white”,"warm white”, and “pure white” and are set apart by a high (light) quality with: R9 values of more than 85 with CRI values of more than 90, binning within MacAdam3 as well as high colour consistency and -stability throughout the entire lifetime under realistic operating conditions (hot lumen).

Thanks to the high degree of thermal conductivity of the ceramic substrate, the COB LEDs from Sharp achieve long lifetimes of over 40,000 hours with an operating temperature of 90°C. The very smooth surface of the underside of the Mini ZENIGATA's ceramics contributes to very efficient heat transfer and enables the LED to be securely affixed to an appropriate cooling element without excess effort.

Thanks to the wide product portfolio of LED lighting COB LEDs, Sharp offers numerous marketable solutions for the use of LEDs as lighting sources for lamps and lights. Sharp's high-intensity Mini ZENIGATA COB LEDs are typically suitable for many applications such as recessed luminaries and LED retrofit lamps, etc.

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