GlassGuard® Shines at Kerry Foods

kerry foodsIn a move that further strengthens its safeguarding of food production facilities, GlassGuard® has installed a range of diffuserless luminaires and fragment retention lamps at Kerry Foods in Attleborough, Norfolk. The IP65 rated fittings have proven to be so popular that further installations throughout the site are expected in forthcoming months.

One of the UK’s leading  fresh and convenience food producers, Kerry Foods has had GlassGuard® IP65 luminaires fitted in the dispatch, sauce production and QA kitchen areas at their Attleborough site. Each GlassGuard® IP65 luminaire was fitted with GlassGuard BlackBand® fragment retention lamps which retain all glass particles safely within a protective coating in the event of an accidental breakage.

With a fairly low ceiling in the dispatch area, the existing low bay fittings were deemed too hazardous as they were at risk of being struck by forklifts and pallets. A lighting design presented by GlassGuard® resulted in new GlassGuard® IP65 fittings installed away from the racking system, thereby minimising the risk of collision and breakage.

Previous lighting installations in the sauce production room failed to live up to the location's heavy demands, as vapours produced from production vats would constantly coat the diffusers, significantly reducing lumen levels. However, the new GlassGuard® IP65 luminaires are diffuserless which guarantees ingress protection against dust and water, permitting high levels of washing and cleaning, thus maintaining excellent hygiene standards.

With no natural light in the Kitchen QA area, the new GlassGuard® IP65 installation provides a superior ambient lighting environment, enabling good visibility and allowing food inspection to be carried out to the required high standard.

Delfi Pita, technical administrator at the site remarked: “After the lights were installed, I walked in and thought wow, you really do notice the difference!”

Dave Ambrose, engineering supervisor at the Attleborough site commented: “I am really pleased with the GlassGuard® installation. They bring a great deal of improvement to the areas where they have been installed.

“More importantly, from a food safety perspective, the GlassGuard® installation meets the lighting requirements of BRC Global Standards which means that we are adequately protected.”

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