GlassGuard® Lights Up Heston’s Hula Hoop

GlassGuard BlackBand®Eagle-eyed viewers of Heston Blumenthal’s latest Channel 4 television series ‘Heston’s Fantastical Foods’ will have spotted the latest lighting upgrade undertaken by fragment retention lamp specialist GlassGuard® at KP Snacks.

KP Snacks who manufactures Hula Hoops, has seen approximately 350 twin-batten GlassGuard® IP65 luminaires installed across their Ashby de la Zouch site over a period of 12 months. Each diffuserless luminaire has been fitted with 49w T5 GlassGuard BlackBand® fragment retention lamps featuring an external coating, which in the event of accidental breakage will retain all the glass particles safely, ensuring adequate protection to the site.

The KP Snacks factory recently featured on celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal’s programme when he summoned the help of the Hula Hoops factory to create a packet of crisps so large that it was only accessible by ladder.

The installation featured prominently on screen to the delight of GlassGuard® Director, Chris Payne, who said: “I was absolutely delighted to see GlassGuard BlackBand® on national TV. It demonstrates that the lamps are being specified and installed in areas where fragment retention lamps are essential. Due to the health and safety nature of GlassGuard BlackBand®, they are increasingly being used in food production and packaging where food manufacturing standards require lighting to be protected.”

KP Snacks is committed to product safety and this installation demonstrates this commitment.

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