NAPIT Expresses Enthusiasm Over Green Deal Launch

The much discussed “Green Deal” initiative was launched on Monday 28th January, designed to save householders and businesses money on their energy bills and improve their energy efficiency.

NAPIT believes this can help bring homes out of fuel poverty, help reduce the country’s carbon footprint and provide a much needed boost to the energy efficiency industry.

Through the Green Deal, householders and businesses will be able to pay for certain energy efficient improvements through their energy bills, without exceeding the savings made as a result of the improvements. For example, should a householder want to install double glazed windows in their home, they can have this work paid for through the Green Deal scheme and have their costs covered through their reduced energy bills.

A Green Deal cashback incentive has been available since 14th January, with the energy efficient home improvement installations launched on the 28th January.

NAPIT Certification is a UKAS-accredited organisation which provides Green Deal Certification for Installers and Assessor Organisations. NAPIT Training offer training for Green Deal Advisors.

NAPIT Director of Standards Division, David Cowburn, said: “We are highly enthusiastic about the launch of Green Deal and what it means for the industry and householders across the country. Householders have access to affordable, energy efficient measures for the first time and this will have a positive impact on the energy efficiency industry. Also, it will help to reduce this country’s carbon footprint.”

As well as leading to lower cost energy bills, the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) also fully expect the Green Deal to provide a jobs boost for “green” industries, in particular, the insulation industry. Ed Davey, the Energy and Climate Secretary, said. "All our estimates show that the Green Deal will increase the number of jobs of the next few years... to about 60,000 - that's nearly over double the amount of people working in the insulation industry now.”

Ever since being written into Government legislation on 1st October, the scheme has been widely debated in the press and in Parliament, as people have been unsure about the impact it will have.

According to a recent poll[1], about one in five people (19%), aren’t aware of the Green Deal. Despite this, consumers are becoming more concerned with energy efficiency, with 67% interested in making their home more energy efficient with 86% seeing lower bills as the key benefit.

Therefore, with a greater awareness of the scheme, the benefits will become clear to these homeowners who are looking to save money on their energy bills through energy efficiency.


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