Eaton Launches Free-To-Access Machinery Safety Manual

Eaton Safety ManualEaton, a leading manufacturer of components and systems for electrical engineering and automation, has launched a new safety manual entitled Safety of machines and systems.

The simple-to-use manual is written for machine builders, panel builders, trainers and trainees as well as all those who are interested in the issue of machinery safety. It is easy to follow and outlines safety technology for machines and systems in accordance with the international standards EN ISO 13849-1 and IEC 62061, helping operators who are responsible for machine safety to comply with the current standards.

The manual is free to download from: and provides a simple introduction to the extensive subject matter in the field of safety technology. It clearly shows operators how to achieve functional safety with electrical, electronic and programmable components and systems in safety-relevant applications using circuitry examples.  The manual covers topics such as stopping in the event of an emergency, monitoring a movable guard, monitoring open hazardous areas, enabling safe operation, combining several safety functions, preventing restarts, and preventing unexpected start-up.

“Safety is an ever-more important issue and this guide is an excellent opportunity to become acquainted step-by-step with the wide ranging issues of functional safety technology,” says Stuart Greenwood, Product Marketing Manager, Industrial Control & Automation at Eaton. “It provides several circuit examples with the relevant safety parameters to illustrate the information, and like the Eaton Wiring Manual, which has been recognised over decades, the new safety manual is a well-founded and competent guide for theoretical and practical issues.”

“As one of the largest manufacturers worldwide in the production of components for the safe emergency stopping of plants and machinery, we have a deep understanding of the safety issues faced by machine builders and operators.  Through this manual we share our knowledge to help people fully understand the topic of machinery safety and to design machines with excellent functional safety.”

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