Laminated Copper Bar Technical Guide from Rittal

Rittal’s Universal SupportsRittal has recognised a rise in the popularity of laminated copper bars in the OEM and panel builder market and produced a technical guide, which shows how to calculate fault rating capacities of their laminated copper bar.

When engineers design systems using the laminated copper bar consideration must be given to the installation in regard to fault rating and the mounting. One advantage of the laminated bar is its flexibility and the ability to be connected direct to circuit breakers, control gear and busbar systems. The laminated insulation offers protection against indirect contact to live copper conductors.

Rittal’s Universal Supports x4Securing the mounting of the bar can be achieved using Rittal’s universal supports. The supports, both single and multi-stacked, are made from fibreglass- reinforced, thermoplastic polyester, which has the strength and flexibility to be securely mounted on support rails.  

Download the Laminated Copper Bar Guide here

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