Domestic VO Savings all in a Day’s Work for Company Boss

Marshall-Tufflex MD Jim Fletcher has been known to take his work home but rarely does his professional diligence result in a reduction of almost 10% off his domestic electricity bills.

But that’s just what happened when Mr Fletcher, Managing Director of the Hastings-based manufacturer, tucked one of his company’s Voltis Home voltage optimiser units under his arm and took it home to test its efficiency.

Eight months and one chilly south coast winter later the results are in and prove that Voltis Home delivers on its claims, with an average power saving of 9.42% recorded. Mr Fletcher is delighted with the outcome: “Obviously, from a professional point of view, it’s great to have one of our own products working so efficiently in my home. From a personal stance the savings are much appreciated; for once my wife is very happy that I bought work home with me!”

The Voltis Home unit, which measures just 300mm x 240mm x 147mm was installed by a qualified electrician in a downstairs cupboard and specially programmed to switch on and off every 24 hours. The electrical consumption of Mr Fletcher’s home was monitored constantly throughout the trial, allowing comparisons to be drawn between electricity used when the optimiser was working and when it was turned off.

“We are very pleased with this trial, which is ongoing,” said Mr Fletcher. “Our incoming mains level is slightly above average for the UK, so to return a saving of almost 10% is a good result and confirms that Voltis Home is an efficient and cost-effective solution to domestic energy saving. The unit was installed without fuss, requires no maintenance and the savings were made without any lifestyle changes to our daily routine. It’s a win-win situation for my family and, obviously, for all our customers.

“By trialling Voltis Home over a number of months and recording consumption for every 24 hour period we’ve proved it delivers a good level of savings and we have the figures to back up our claims. Voltis Home works, it’s that simple.”

Voltis Home reduces the incoming supply voltage (UK average 242Volts) to a lower level (ie 220Volts) so householders benefit from lower electricity bills and appliances last longer because they are not over supplied with electricity. The system, developed by Marshall-Tufflex at its research and development base in Hastings, East Sussex, is the first ‘intelligent’ solution developed for the domestic market.

Voltis Home:
Ø  Performs at higher electrical loads than competitors (it is rated up to 60Amps, approximately 13kW, or 100Amps in bypass) All circuits in a typical house can be connected to Voltis Home – there’s no need to isolate those for electric showers, immersion heaters, cookers etc.

Ø  Incorporates an automatic and manual bypass function to maximise savings and safeguard the power supply. This has two main benefits – it gives the householder control and the ability to check current savings and the system will switch to bypass if there is a problem with the power supply or no call for Voltis Home to operate.

Ø  Delivers higher power savings than competitors because it is capable of making savings on a much higher load than some other market-available voltage optimisers.

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