Speed & Connectivity Solutions from Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact connectivity solutionsIn today's fast moving world, the need for quick and accurate processes is becoming increasingly important.  Whether this means more efficient panel and field installation methods, faster communication technologies or quicker production lines, Phoenix Contact's Speed & Connectivity Solutions help customers to gain more productivity, reduced cycle time and higher accuracy of information.

Push in terminalsPush-in Terminal Blocks
Using the PT range of terminal blocks in the “Clipline complete” system from Phoenix Contact, small, flexible wires with cross sections as small as 0.34 mm² and fitted with ferrule can now be connected directly and without the need for extra tools. As soon as the wire is inserted, the contact springs open automatically. With plugging forces up to 50 percent lower than before, it has never been easier to plug in wires and establish contacts. The high contacting forces exceed those stipulated by the relevant standards and ensure that the contacts between conductors are both reliable and high in quality.

To remove a conductor, simply press one of the new buttons with a suitable tool. This pressure is transmitted to the interior contact springs, which open the terminal to its maximum. The orange colour of the button marks it as an actuating element and therefore reliably prevents mistakes from being made.

The new series of terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact is called PT 1.5. This range of terminal blocks, which are just 3.5 mm wide, includes feed-through, multi-level and multi-connect terminals as well as protective conductor terminals and pluggable Combi versions. They can ferruled stranded conductors up to 1mm2 and rigid conductors up to 1.5mm2.

System CablingSystem Cabling
System Cabling solutions from Phoenix Contact allows PLC I/O cards to be connected to field terminals quickly and cost effectively using plug in components.  Wiring up of PLC boards that currently takes hours can be done in minutes.  

Connection adapters and pre-tested cables are combined with Din Rail mounted Interface boards to provide the required connections.  The Interface boards can incorporate, disconnects, fuses, relays and optocouplers along with many different types and configurations of terminals to provide the required field connections.

System cabling is available for Siemens, Allen Bradley, Omron and Mitsubishi PLCs with a wide range of Interfaces to suit different applications.

Industrial ethernetIndustrial Ethernet
The new Ethernet products from Phoenix Contact now offer you more realtime, more wireless, more security, and more reliability. Industrial Ethernet can be easily integrated in your automation infrastructure.

PROFINET realtime switch: Increase the realtime capability of your PROFINET applications. The new switches detect PROFINET data packets and forward them even faster with the highest priority. In addition, the switch continually monitors the quality of interference-free and diagnosable fiber optic paths. This information is then transmitted to the controller.

3000 series managed switch: Switch over networks even faster: the 3000 series switches now provide you with redundancy switch-over times of just 15 milliseconds. The switches also perform the comprehensive functions of IEEE standards.

Fast WLAN for the Control Cabinet: You can now design more reliable and faster WLAN networks. In compact metal housing, the WLAN access point combines rugged industrial technology with high performance. The cluster management makes configuration and maintenance of WLAN networks easier. The replaceable memory cards also enable easy device replacement.

Radioline-smallRadioline Wireless System
The new Radioline wireless system from Phoenix Contact is specifically designed for wireless signal transmission for large sites. I/O mapping is one special feature that distributes signals for up to 250 stations within the system without the need for any programming. Here, input signals receive I/O addresses by means of thumb wheels, with these addresses being mapped to corresponding output modules. Because identical signals can also be outputted several times, it is possible to set up intelligent distribution and signal multiplication in the field.

Radioline and its integrated functions can be used universally for different applications, including I/O signals, serial data, or the implementation of I/O to Modbus. The stations can be arranged as needed in point-to-point, star, or mesh structures. Each station can also be used as a wireless repeater for other stations. The devices use this feature on the license-free, 2.4 GHz frequency. They are based on further advances in Trusted Wireless Technology, which has been in use for over ten years in industrial applications.

The I/O stations can be expanded modularly. The modules also feature high-quality galvanised channel-to-channel isolation and can be switched out easily while the system is in operation. Additionally, the digital channels are also equipped with wide-range inputs and relay outputs for many possible applications up to 250 V.

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