Save Time, Save Money with the Rayleigh Instruments EasyWire System

Rayleigh Instruments EasyWireRayleigh Instruments has introduced a novel method of wiring and installing power meters and current transformers. The 'EasyWire' system is claimed to substantially reduce the time it takes to wire and install three phase current transformers and multifunction energy meters, thanks to a design that allows plug-in connections to be used for both current and voltage input/output.

Rayleigh's EasyWire meters are provided with both input and output voltage connections, which allow up to 32 meters to be daisy-chained to a common supply voltage via the first meter.

There is a choice of five three-phase current transformer frames sizes, and a choice of two meter designs. An RJ45 lead is used to connect transformer and meter, and ready-made plug-in leads are used for voltage input.

Independant tests have proven that the Rayleigh Instruments easy wire system provides "Labour savings of up to 90% are possible when compared to traditional wiring methods with our new EasyWire system."

With two EasyWire multifunction power meters (Nemo 96 HDL and MRJ385) available with dimensions : H=96mm, W=96mm, D=53mm
and five, 3-phase current transformers (TAS240-EW, TAS242-EW, TAS248-EW, TAS249-EW and TAS250-EW) with frame sizes from 75mm to 215mm wide. Internal safety circuitry is provided which automatically limits the output voltage to a safe level, allowing the transformer secondary to be left open circuit under load.

A 12-page brochure that fully describes the system capabilities, is available from the Rayleigh Instruments website here (at the bottom of the page) or contact the sales team on 01268 749300.

Not convinced? Watch the 'EasyWire 'Plug & Play' Current Transformers and Energy Meters' video below .

EasyWire video


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