Rittal’s New SE 8 with Rittal’s New Flex-Block Base/plinth System

SE8Although we may not be aware of it, enclosures feature heavily in our lives, from the machines where we obtain our hard earned cash to the systems that house all those transactions we make online; from the robots that make our dream cars through to the boxes that house the electronics in the office lifts.

The enclosure is also usually the only part of the equipment seen by users and so is chosen not only for its utilitarian requirements, but also so that it is aesthetically pleasing. There are various different types available to suit each environment.

Choosing Rittal products will guarantee the perfect match of simple to fit accessories to the industry’s leading enclosures, providing off-the-shelf solutions to assembly problems. No more reinventing the wheel and developing time consuming bespoke solutions at high costs when there will probably be a product to suit.

Today enclosures are constantly breaking new ground with new innovative designs and increasingly being constructed from new materials. It is through innovation that enclosures can now be heat or UV resistant, offer protection against water, as well as dust, and even protect against extreme factors such as explosions and highly toxic chemicals. The definition of the word ‘innovation’ means a new way of doing something which leads to a positive change and with the latest innovations and technology thinking now being applied to the electrical enclosure packaging field, maybe we should give more praise for the boring old box.

Enclosure efficiencies can be made by increasing productivity. Savings can be made in assembly and by escalating throughput within the same timeframes, making businesses more cost competitive. With the additional benefit of improving the quality of your product. Rittal’s extensive range of innovative accessories have been designed and developed to do exactly that.

TS8Offering the ideal platform for an application, the new Rittal SE 8 will ensure maximum availability and can be used in all industries. Rittal’s new SE 8 is a one piece monobloc, single construction floor standing enclosure, with an integrated TS 8 frame. A direct replacement for Rittal’s ES 5000 freestanding monobloc enclosure, the SE 8 has a removable rear panel which is secured from the inside and shares many design features with Rittal’s TS 8 bayable enclosure.

Design features include a door and locking mechanism, along with a welded base construction, punched frame sections, offering two installation levels, which provide more internal space and gland plates in the base. Sharing the same accessories as Rittal’s TS 8 makes accessories more available, will reduce stock inventory, due to its common product platform that will equate to lower storage costs, easier ordering and secure and simple system configuration. As the same 3D data can be used, one engineering solution for both platforms means reduced planning costs.

Rittal’s new SE 8 is available in the following sizes: Width: 600mm to 1800mm, Height: 1800mm to 2000mm and Depth: 400mm to 600mm. It is also available in single or double door, sheet steel or stainless steel in 304L and 316L.

Tried and tested a million times over, the Rittal TS 8 section is now the standard system enclosure solution platform, for both the reliable and bayable Rittal SE 8 and Rittal TS 8 enclosure systems. Infinite possibilities mean exceptionally wide-ranging benefits for each enclosure range. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caVl4sVbi2U

Flex-Block base/plinth systemRittal’s new Flex-Block base/plinth system is suitable for Rittal floor standing enclosures, SE 8, TS 8 and CM along with floor standing human interface products TP and PC, offering many new benefits for customers. The Flex-Block plinth is made up of four fibreglass reinforced corner pieces that fix directly to each corner of the enclosure, either to the frame or the base tray. These blocks support the whole weight of the enclosure providing direct access to the whole of the underside to allow for simple transportation, cable management or pallet trucks. With provisions for threaded inserts, the corner pieces allow for castors or adjustable levelling feet to be installed with the minimum of effort, without tools. With all the corner pieces in place it is possible to clip fit, or mechanically fix, accessories such as punched section for the use of Rittal standard accessories as well as cable management, cable restraints, etc., to provide a solid easy solution for cable access when working at low level.

All plinths are supplied with trim panels made from sheet steel and painted in RAL 9005. These can be clip fitted without the use of tools or fixings, which have been tested to withstand the rigours of transport and vibrations. For additional security there is also the option to screw fix the trims along with points for earthing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bv0wM0nseIk

With over 50 years of supplying enclosure solutions to all industry sectors, there is a good chance that the problem in hand is nothing new and there will be an accessory from the range to solve it.

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