Machine to Machine communication: Mobile communication manual provides practical tips

Phoenix Contact ManualThe desire to remotely maintain and monitor machines and installations is continuously growing. The communication via mobile communications/modems can be the perfect solution for many industrial applications: If you want to communicate with a mobile device, if a landline connection is missing at the planned location or if the end user has prohibited the machine/plant manufacturer to use his local network.

Practical tips on mobile communications are provided by the newly published booklet “Mobile Communications – Data Transmission in Industry” by Phoenix Contact. The user manual is directed to project planners who want to exchange data in industrial applications via mobile communications for the first time. To provide practical reference, real customer requests from various sources such as sales and technical hotline were collected and analysed.  The objective is a short and clear answer to questions that arise in the daily work on site.

Print edition of the 80-page manual can be obtained free of charge from Phoenix Contact Ltd.

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