Circuit Protection Must Be at the Forethought of Every Product Design

World Leader in circuit protection speaks at the Electronica Fair about reliability and safety in today’s electronics

Littelfuse, Inc., highlighted the importance of placing circuit protection at the forethought of the electronic engineering community world wide at . Bharat Shenoy, Director of Technical Marketing at Littelfuse, delivered this message to thousands of engineers attending the leading industry fair Electronica in Munich, Germany.

"Littelfuse is in a unique position to engage with customers across all industries globally and understand their challenges and requirements. As such, we strongly believe that circuit protection should no longer be just an afterthought, but rather be considered as a crucial factor from the very product design phase of every electronic component” said Bharat Shenoy “We are committed to supporting the engineering community make this strategic step in their design process through on-going dialogue and education and thus help them develop unique solutions that benefit the consumer and protect their investments.”

Present at the Electronica fair, Bharat Shenoy also spoke about the “Safety and Surge Immunity Requirements for Indoor and Outdoor LED Lighting Applications”. His presentation attracted the attention of electrical manufacturers who were interested in hearing about the latest international circuit protection standards and developments for the LED industry.

“Product designers are switching to LEDs for lighting because of their low cost, high performance, minimum maintenance, and the fact that they can theoretically last forever“ noted Shenoy. “However, as LEDs enter harsh environments outside of their traditional role, circuit protection becomes critically important, stretching from the input power supply to individual LEDs. Hence, one of our key messages here today is about integrating protection in the product design.”

Littelfuse’s presence at Electronica follows the company’s recent announcement that its TMOV®25S and TMOV®34S varistors are a winner of the 2012 Chicago Innovation Awards, Chicago region’s foremost recognition of the most innovative new products or services brought to market or to public service each year.