New MegaV2 Backup System from Gamatronic

Gamatronic is happy to announce its new state of the art MegaV2 backup system with an enhanced user experience dedicated to improved serviceability & connectivity.

This innovative state of the art scalable, redundant UPS system focuses on elevating the users’ experience to new heights. With the highest efficiency rate of 96% and a significantly smaller footprint, this product offers a leading solution in the range of up to 500 kW/kVA.

MegaV2 delivers the requested power requirements to perfectly fit different data centre configuration architectures, while offering modularity essential to modern cost effective data centres.
New System Ch​aracteristics

•  Enhanced Power Modules - Provide improved tier 2 serviceability with quick & convenient local maintenance. The new V2 module provides same MTTR to users while allowing for the local partners a substantial savings by independently and domestically handling service calls.
•  Substantial Decrease in Module Weight- The new mechanical design of the V2 module is 2.5 kg lighter.
•  Differentiating DC power - With a decrease from 64 to 60 sets of batteries as default factory standard complementing the system.

State of the Art Controller Offering:

•  Log download to users’ PC as either an excel or html format allows for an improved online service ability.
•  Additional language Selection, easily downloadable, suited for the varied needs of our global customers.
•  Real time e mail notification directly from the controller, and sent to a number of up to 10 recipients.
•  Professional Server Shutdown: facilitating a monitored shutdown according to predefined settings and battery status.
•  Frequency Converter Feature the UPS system can be utilised to convert the frequency of the mains power supply from 50 Hz to 60 Hz and Vice Versa.

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