New Range of Home and Office Single Phase UPS Launched by Socomec

Socomec 1ph UPS rangeAs we continue to adopt the latest technological innovations, we become increasingly dependent on their seamless performance to enhance our day to day lives.

Whether at work or within the home, the functionality of the technology upon which we depend is itself reliant upon a clean and smooth power supply at all times.  No matter how sophisticated the technology, its performance and reliability is ultimately determined by the quality of power supplied to it.

The latest innovations from critical power industry leader, Socomec UPS, recognise the importance of efficient, safe and reliable technology in our daily lives.  The new NETYS range of “intelligent” single-phase UPS systems has been created specifically for the unique requirements of domestic environments and small to medium sized organisations.  Available in a range of options from 600VA to 3.3kVA, the systems are based on Socomec’s ultra efficient UPS technology and have been engineered to guarantee uninterruptible and continuous power for mission critical IT applications.

Andrew Wilkinson, Managing Director of Socomec UPS UK explains the thinking behind the organisation’s most recent product developments:  “At Socomec, we recognise that whilst we all – as individuals and organisations – depend on reliable technology performance on a daily basis, our precise requirements in terms of critical power supply vary.  In creating the NETYS range we have designed a suite of UPS products that provide domestic and business users with greater flexibility than ever before.   Furthermore, we wanted to create a range that makes Socomec’s

industry-leading critical power technology accessible to users, and budgets, of every shape and size – providing the very best in high quality protection and efficiency in a package that is appropriate for a particular application and environment.”

The range includes; compact multi-socket UPS systems with practical features such as a USB port – ideal for the home or small office; professional, yet cost-effective, solutions for small and medium sized businesses and powerful rack or tower solutions to protect networks and other connected services.

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