Philips and Romec Win Lux Industrial Project of the Year

Royal Mail DaventryThe collaboration provided Royal Mail with a bespoke LED lighting scheme that was sensitive to the operational needs of the building, making sure the working environment for staff was enhanced by the lighting installation, delivering the benefits of LED technology, without compromising on light quality.

The Northamptonshire based 30 acre delivery depot employs over 700 people, and handles letters and parcels for over 60 mail centres accounting for 40% of the UK’s daily mail.

At the centre of the lighting scheme was GentleSpace, a new LED high-bay luminaire, which is built around the LEDGine LED platform, meaning it is upgradeable and future proof.

“ The highly energy-efficient LED technology delivers huge energy savings, reduces CO2 consumption and minimises maintenance costs without any compromise on light quality.”  Mark Cavill, Energy & Building Engineering Services Manager at Royal Mail

GentleSpace (4 Pod Version)GentleSpace met all the requirements set by Royal Mail, as it is able to achieve higher lighting levels, but with the added benefits of using fewer lighting points, which means reduced costs and lower energy consumption. Energy savings were an important additional element to this scheme as customers in industrial and warehousing applications are constantly looking for ways to reduce the amount of energy required to light their facilities. GentleSpace is the first LED high-bay luminaire that can directly replace HID high-bays of up to 400W, enabling significant energy savings. With this new lighting scheme Royal Mail can expect energy savings of £9,000 per year energy, which is the equivalent of 61,712kg of CO2.

The LED technology introduced, provides the possibility to dim the light levels, as GentleSpace is DALI-dimmable, so even more energy can be saved. The luminaire comes in two sizes and offers a choice of dedicated high-quality optics, which fill the space with a gentle, comfortable light. All versions include steady Gripple Y-fit hangers that can carry up to 45 kg for easy and secure installation. GentleSpace is also equipped with a high-quality, thermally toughened, extra-white glass cover for high translucence. Its flat design saves space at the top of the building, leaving room for e.g. sprinkler installations. All these features make GentleSpace the perfect lighting solution for general lighting in industrial halls, rack lighting in warehouses or general lighting in DIY stores.

Philips and Romec - BBTS demonstrated that advanced high-power LED technology can maximize light output and efficiency and eliminate the need for regular relamping, offering an alternative to HID High Bay solutions; reducing maintenance costs and disruption to operations.

This translated into substantial energy and maintenance savings for Royal Mail, compared with traditional fixtures. LED’s long lifetime makes it a true ‘fit and forget’ solution and further lowers operating costs – making LED a truly sustainable solution.

The expertise and unrivalled knowledge of LED lighting has enabled them to provide a lighting solution for Royal Mail that was practical, but also energy efficient and sustainable. LED technology offers businesses lighting solutions that make business sense, whilst also respecting the planet.

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