Artistic Licence Engineering Embraces the Latest in Planar Lighting at LuxLive 2012

LED-based panel lighting is available in some exciting new form factors, but emergent technology cannot shine without commensurate advances in control.

Ever comprehensive at the cutting edge, Artistic Licence Engineering demonsted the control of two very different planar lighting products that are newly available from Philips - luminous textile and organic LED (Lumiblade).

The luminous textile solution integrates multi-coloured LED modules within textile panels. These may be combined to produce a wall of mood lighting or dynamic content ( Artistic Licence Engineering’s dVnet driver is ideal for such installations, allowing video to be directly rendered on the luminous textile panels. dVnet achieves this by converting digital video input to KiNet, the streaming protocol supported by Philips.

On a smaller spatial scale, organic LED (OLED) technology is turning heads because of its diffuse, warm-white illumination and eco-friendly credentials. Artistic Licence Engineering has developed an OLED specific driver as part of its sunDial range, ensuring safe and optimal operation of the latest commercial products, including Philips’ Lumiblade.

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