Dieselec Thistle Delivers Standby to St Andrews

Standby power specialist, Dieselec Thistle, has helped to ensure that some of the brightest brains in Britain have the power to learn - even in the event of a mains failure - after supplying a standby diesel generator to the University of St Andrews.

Dieselec Thistle supplied the 150Kva silent generator with acoustic enclosure to provide a back-up to the mains supply for the university and it was installed within a fourth floor plant room. The company then carried out commissioning of the gen set, including load bank testing to simulate full load conditions and ensure that the installation can cope with maximum requirements.

Comments Brian Muirie, sales director, Dieselec Thistle: “Universities are big energy users because, while students used to study using books and handwritten notes, these days everything is done online and using a keyboard. They also have huge data storage requirements with student records held electronically and significant internet and intranet requirements. The installation of a standby power generator at the University of St Andrews was part of a wider programme of works and we are delighted to have been involved in ensuring that Scotland’s oldest university can continue to deliver 21st century services to students.”

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