Wöhner Launches Quadron® Crosslink Carrier Class J Fuse Holder for 60MM Classic Busbar Systems

Woehner quadronWöhner have expanded their product range with the addition of UL approved fuse holders for fuse links Class J, which is of special interest to panel and machine builders operating in global markets.

With Quadron® CrossLinkCarrier Class J, there is now a 3-pole fuse holder for the 60mm busbar system complying with the North American standard in the same compact version as for the European market. The fuse links Class J in the sizes 30A, 60A, 100A and 200A can be handled like NH fuses, thanks to the special insert. The fuse links can be easily and safely inserted into the handle of the fuse holder without the need for tools. The handle then serves as a pivoting mechanism. Since there is no unnecessary space required for using a tool for the fuse exchange, this represents the basis of a very compact design.

The Wöhner fuse holders Quadron® CrossLinkCarrier Class J are offered as well-proven CrossLink® technology versions. Thanks to the Quadron® CrossLinkAdapter, it allows for the variable use of different devices (of the same frame size) on the 60mm busbar system. This enables machine and plant manufacturers to offer their solutions for IEC and UL in an identical design on the same adapter base. The fuse holders for NH fuses sizes 00 have the same dimensions and connection conditions as the CrossLinkCarrier Class J 30A, 60A and 100A. The same applies to the NH fuses size 1 and fuses Class J up to 200A.

Wöhner also offers compact 3-pole solutions for fuse holders Class J for direct mounting on a mounting plate (Class J 100A and 200A). The fuse link sizes Class J 30A and 60A can be used in modular fuse holders in which each pole has a width of 36mm or 40mm respectively. These devices are intended for direct mounting on DIN rails.

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