TE Connectivity and Ubitricity Team Up To Deliver Plug-In Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicle Smart Charging

TE Connectivity (TE) and ubitricity announce their partnership agreement to provide smart plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicle (PHEV) charging solutions.

Their system will perform all data processes, including secure access, consumption metering and data communication, inside a portable smart charging cord. Stationary cost optimized sockets are used to access energy. The system is designed for international scalability and an efficient technology introduction. TE and ubitricity will work together to bring their mobile metering charging solution (Levels 1 and 2) to market.

“TE Connectivity is thrilled to mass produce and market the innovative charging solutions this long-term partnership agreement will generate,” said Patrick Popp, TE Vice President and General Manager, Hybrid & Electric Mobility Solutions. “ubitricity’s technical foundation of ubiquitous electricity and TE Connectivity’s experience in providing innovative hybrid and electric mobility solutions will make simple, secure charging on the go a reality.”

ubitricity’s solution was designed to connect PHEVs to the power grid in an affordable and universal manner.
The Berlin, Germany, based start-up is pioneering a paradigm shift for the PHEV charging infrastructure. ubitricity’s solution hosts all electronics needed for secure access, metering and billing inside the charging cable. The infrastructure cost for stationary intelligence in conventional charge spots is largely eliminated with this system. TE’s simple system sockets, with minimized operating costs for metering and access management, are all the system requires in the charging infrastructure.

The smart cord features TE’s IEC 62196-2 Type 2 connector that handles both level 1 and 2 charging. Its smart technology will work in all charging environments in compliance with this standard. In-cable electronics will only wake up and work where needed. TE’s secure cord will feature an LCD display, mobile internet connectivity and a keypad. All required information will be easily accessible.

“We want to make this smart cable the charging method of choice for every plug-in owner. By using the cable’s
embedded mobile internet connectivity, utility companies will be able to control the charging process and demand response during peak periods will become commercially feasible much earlier.” said Knut Hechtfischer, co-founder of ubitricity with Frank Pawlitschek. “ubitricity and TE have teamed up to make the smart charging infrastructure affordable. TE’s leadership in connectivity, global reach and leading role in the automotive industry are essential for widespread market adoption of ubitricity’s landmark technology.”

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