Spelsberg Speeds up Switchgear Installation with its Revamped GTi Range

The demands on a building’s electrical switch gear can often evolve far beyond even the most farsighted planning. As a building’s use changes, new regulations come into force and technologies advance, the need for new sockets, distribution boards and circuit breakers etc. will arise.

In order to help manage this continually changing requirement Spelsberg has launched its revised GTi range of modular build-your-own modular, interconnecting enclosures which allow for rapid expansion; with both individual components and pre-assembled and populated products now available to meet the needs of most usual applications.

The GTi range from Spelsberg, Europe’s biggest manufacturer of non-metallic electrical enclosures, is an innovative range of modular enclosures designed to accommodate the ever changing nature of switch gear using a range of interchangeable sidewall and connector parts. The enclosures are available in five different sizes and are designed to allow IP65 panels and junction installations to be expanded and changed over time without having to remove or re-wire the original enclosure.

Spelsberg UK can further reduce installation time by supplying enclosures pre-assembled and populated to suit the individual needs of the customer. Pre-wired meter housings, socket housings, switch-disconnect enclosures, circuit breaker housings, DIN rail and busbar housings are just some of the options which are available. The Spelsberg sales team is experienced in designing switch gear enclosure solutions and its in-house assembly capabilities ensure prompt delivery.

Chris Lloyd, Sales and Marketing Manager for Spelsberg UK, comments: “The GTi range allows customers to specify their switch gear enclosures to the exact size that they require without wasting space or worrying about future modifications. In the event that expansion is required new enclosures can be added easily, without having to knock out side walls. The enclosures are extremely easy to assemble and alter - if you can use Lego then these will be a doddle. The pre-assembled products we offer just save time for our customers and the installer, plus it makes design and specification even easier, as there is no need to source components from multiple suppliers.”

The enclosures are manufactured using tough polycarbonate to protect the contents from stray knocks or blows. Three lid options are available including a grey, opaque lid which matches the enclosure walls and base; a transparent lid for easy inspection of the wiring; and a hinged transparent lid for easy access. The GTi is already popular in a number of industries as a corrosion resistant alternative to traditional metal enclosures.

Customers are also now able to design a complete system and make further modifications from the comfort of their own desktop, thanks to GTi design planning software, which is available to order from Spelsberg, the software includes all existing product variations and pre-assembled product options.

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