New E3U-GL Range of Label Detection Sensors from Omron

Omron are pleased to introduce a new range of label detection sensors, offered as a compact photoelectric version or an ultrasonic version for more challenging applications.

The E3U-GL range of label sensors offer solutions to detect all standard as well as challenging labels (e.g. transparent labels or metallised labels). Stable operation, where other sensors may require frequent re-teaching, improves the reliability of the labelling process. Fast and easy set-up reduces the time and effort during change over periods.

E3U-GL Optical Label Sensor
The cost effective E3U-GL optical label sensor utilises fibre optic technology to provide one of the most compact “fork type” sensors available on the market, measuring only 17mm high, with a fork thickness of only 5mm, this allows easy integration and mounting close to the point of label application. Operated via a simple touch to teach amplifier unit, set-up is completed simply and remotely from the sensor. Suitable for all standard label detection applications, the E3U-GL range provides superior feedback and setting characteristics to common optical label sensors.

E3U-GLU Ultrasonic Label Sensor
The new E3U-GLU ultrasonic label sensor is designed to detect every conceivable arrangement of label and backing layers, including clear-on-clear and metallic foil labels. The sensor has a response time of down to 1KHz, providing excellent repeat accuracy and making it suitable for even the highest speed applications. Clear operation indicators support fast and simple set-up, reducing delays during production changeover times.

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