Tom Dixon continues working with Unibox and Lumenal to refresh store

Renowned designer, Tom Dixon has used several innovative display and lighting solutions, designed and manufactured by Unibox and sister company Lumenal, to refresh his inspiring retail destination in Portobello Dock, London.

A combination of reconfigured Unibox systems, and new Lumenal solutions, have been used to showcase Tom Dixon’s lighting and furniture range, and an exclusive collection of items from international designers.

A bespoke selection of Unibox and Lumenal solutions were first used to fit-out the Tom Dixon Shop in 2010, successfully creating a discrete display system which complemented the shop’s brick-vaulted former Victorian warehouse setting. Tom Dixon, wanting to refresh his merchandising displays, used original Unibox glass and aluminium shelving reconfigured to accommodate his new stock. Furthermore, original Unibox modular shelving units were ‘re-skinned’, with a simple matt black finish, to optimise the appearance of textured or stylised products on display.

In addition, four new Lumenal LED cabinet lights, called ‘Trio’, have been incorporated into a Unibox glass unit, to optimise the merchandising of the products on display.  The elegant LED luminares, which can each be rotated through 350° to accurately highlight items on display, were fitted with 3000k colour temperature LED lamps to produce a ‘warm white light’ in order to enrich the metallic qualities of the decorative pieces.

Unibox and Lumenal Managing Director, Nick Wraith, said of the fit-out: “Creating a bespoke display system for the Tom Dixon Shop, using both Unibox and Lumenal solutions, is a great example of how versatile and durable our systems are.  It also shows how valuable our long-standing commitment to understanding a retailer’s requirements, from the outset of a project, is in the long term.”

The Tom Dixon Shop briefed Unibox and Lumenal to create reconfigurable, easy-to-install glass and aluminium shelving and display case units, with integrated LED lighting, in December 2010.  Since then, Unibox and Lumenal have worked with the flagship store to help them reconfigure their display systems, incorporating LED-lighting and modular retail display unit developments, in order to create an inspiring retail destination.

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