Special Seaward 30TH Anniversary PAT Celebration

Seaward PAT celebrationTo mark its 30th anniversary, electrical test specialist Seaward is holding its own ‘Best of British’ celebration with a special PAT promotion.

For a limited period only, the Seaward PAT Celebration will giveaway a host of free PAT accessories alongside every PrimeTest 50 or PrimeTest 100 sold.

The Seaward PT50 Celebration kit comprises a simple push button operated PrimeTest 50 safety checker alongside a complimentary set of pass/fail test labels and a test record keeping logbook. The kit also includes a free PAT Checkbox to ensure accuracy of testing, with an introductory PAT guide, special product demonstration and training DVDs.

For those that require more detailed PAT records, the Seaward PT100 Celebration kit includes the PrimeTest 100 safety tester alongside a free PatGuard Elements manual entry software program. This enables test results to be entered into a simple PC–based database record keeping system.

The PT100 kit also includes a special adaptor for testing 110V appliances and a PAT business builder CD, alongside pass/fail labels, results logbook, PAT Checkbox and PAT training DVDs.

Both kits represent a tremendous value for money offer with considerable savings. Both testers are easy to use hand held instruments that are battery powered for maximum portability. The Primetest 50 is a basic electrical safety checker that provides an immediate ‘pass/fail’ indication at the push of a single button. The Primetest 100 facilitates a broader range of tests for Class I and Class II appliances, as well as an IEC lead test.

Established in 1982, Seaward has become a global market leader in portable appliance testing with the introduction of a series of innovative instruments and electrical safety testing technology.

Central to this concept has been the introduction of PATs and accessories that succeed in making testing easier and faster without compromising the quality of testing.

The special PAT Celebration is intended to reinforce this message and underline the company’s 30 year commitment to UK manufacturing and the highest standards of quality and performance.

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