Listing Recognises that BORRI is Transforming UPS Technology

Borri Ltd continues to break boundaries with its extensive range of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions. The company’s latest success has been achieved with its transformer-based ECO UPS range, which has retained a prime position on the prestigious Energy Technology List (ETL).

Developed through the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) government scheme, the ETL criteria has recently been modified to include higher efficiency thresholds and more stringent operational benchmarks to ensure that only best in class products benefit from the 100 percent first year capital tax relief.

Despite the challenging changes to the ETL specifications, the performance of Borri’s three phase ECO UPS range has continued to stand out from other comparable transformer-based UPS solutions.

During intensive product testing and evaluation, the company’s B9000FXS 60kVA – 300kVA units demonstrated their impressive, high efficiency green credentials, whilst showcasing Borri’s sophisticated and flexible design capabilities.

Incredibly, it is this seamless combination of superior efficiency and first-class operational functionality of a transformer-based solution which has earned Borri’s ECO FXS range top
rankings on the ETL.

Comparable transformer-based systems are only capable of achieving 60 – 88 percent efficiency compared to Borri’s ECO FXS UPS, which are 95 percent efficient, a key factor in securing their ETL positions.

In addition, the leading UPS specialist has also been awarded independent certification from the global, impartial certifying body, TÜV NORD Cert. This highly sought after accolade has been given to Borri’s ECO FXS UPS’ range, which is one of the most efficient and resilient transformerbased UPS systems on the market.

Borri’s B9000FXS and B9600FXS models were able to meet EN 62040-3 criteria and demonstrate their ability to achieve ultimate power protection performance, whilst achieving remarkable efficiency levels of over 95 percent even at part load while operating in Online Double Conversion (VFI).

Borri has been the mastermind behind leading edge technologies for over 80 years, which have helped shape the development of today’s UPS solutions. Its ECO UPS range was one of the first in the world to use IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) on its rectifiers and inverters, resulting in not only increased operating efficiency but also a remarkable input total harmonic distortion (THDi) of less than three percent.

One of the company’s most significant technology advances to date, Smart OnLIne (SOL), was originally integrated into transformer-based UPS systems and was designed to give improved efficiency and provide users with increased flexibility and control.

The sophisticated make-up of the technology allows the user to select when it is to operate in a high efficiency, direct line mode. SOL monitors the quality of power supplied, and chooses the most efficient operating mode based on the environmental conditions at the time and can achieve efficiency levels of up to 99 percent.

This highly functional, technical intelligence has been developed even further and is now featured in the company’s ultra-high efficiency transformer-free UPS solutions, which can achieve industry leading efficiency levels of 99.5 percent.

Borri’s managing director, Ian Tucker commented: “Our ongoing commitment to embracing the latest developments in power consumption has allowed us to deliver the highest levels of protection, with both transformer free and transformer-based UPS solutions and as a leading UPS manufacturer of both technologies we are able to help end users select the most appropriate solution for their operating environment and application.”

From its UK based facility, Borri holds stocks of over 4MVA for immediate despatch and has a team of specialist engineers available to provide 24 hour back-up support.

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