BSRIA Design Framework for Building Services 3rd Edition

This revised edition includes new material to help project teams agree and allocate design activities that are related to Building Information Management (BIM) and the production of building information models.

The guide includes some introductory material about BIM, including how this guide addresses some of the particular goals of the Government's BIM Strategy.

On-going developments and discussions in this area mean this is an interim edition and is available in PDF format and Licensed Versions only.

Building information modelling has been developing over a number of years but it is only recently that that it has required a separate discussion about what the differences might be between design deliverables from projects using BIM and those using more traditional drawing and CAD techniques.

Greater use of BIM can help avoid confusion amongst the project team by defining more clearly the different stages of model development. It can also assist with avoiding the conflicts that sometimes occur during the handover of information from designer to installer. The facilities management team can benefit from models that record performance data.

In addition to the new information on BIM, text from the 2nd edition has been revised to include more information about Soft Landings activities and also to separate Appendix A Pro-forma 5, which covers RIBA Stage F into three parts. These cover RIBA Stages F1 and F2. CIC project stages have also been referenced because they are not specific to any particular design institution and are central to the work supporting the Government BIM Strategy.

BG 6/2012 will be available to order and download from 3rd September 2012


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