Borri UPS Can Safeguard Critical Power Supplies

Investing in the right Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions is becoming vital for industry and commerce at a time of economic uncertainty and doubts over future energy security.

As the world becomes more IT dependent, the performance of data centres and smaller data hubs is crucial, with data centre managers under increasing pressure to meet enhanced efficiency targets to cope with escalating energy prices and the threat of increased power outages in the UK in the future.

One company helping this sector achieve their targets and safeguard against any power failures is leading high performance UPS manufacturers, Borri Ltd. For new builds and data centre hubs in particular, there has been a stark rise in demand for more flexible, modular UPS solutions, which have proven to be highly cost effective by lowering the initial investment, allowing operators the flexibility to invest in their data centre as it grows.

Borri has responded to the need for more flexible back-up power protection solutions with the latest addition to the company’s UPS range, The Primacy, achieving ground-breaking efficiency of up to 99.5 percent. The Primacy is a transformer free solution, which is modular, scalable and combines three sophisticated modes of operation.

The highest levels of efficiency are achieved in Ultra High Efficiency mode (UHE), where advanced design of internal power components enable the UPS to operate silently with natural cooling for 99.5 percent efficiency. At part load, in online double conversion mode (VFI), the UPS reaches up to 96 percent efficiency. For added power protection the UPS also uses the inverter as an active filter while in UHE, which provides compensation should the load have any reactive or harmonic content.The filter can also protect the load from mains disturbances.

The Primacy also delivers a unity output (kVA = kW) providing 25percent more power compared to UPS with PF = 0.8 and 11 percent more compared to UPS with PF = 0.9, and combined with the Primacy’s ultra slim design, allows users to achieve maximum power density.

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