Free BS EN ISO 13857 Safety Distance Calculator

Procter Machine Guarding has updated its popular free BS EN ISO 13857 Safety Distance Calculator that determines the required safety distances and heights of machine guards in accordance with BS EN ISO 13857, 'Safety of machinery - Safety distances to prevent hazard zones being reached by upper and lower limbs'.

Version 2.5 corresponds even more closely with the standard and is an invaluable aid when creating schemes for custom designed machine guards or perimeter guards, or for ensuring that existing machine guards comply with the standard's requirements.

The intuitive Safety Distance Calculator features drop-down menus from which the user selects the application risk level (high or low), the horizontal distance to the hazard and the height of the hazard. Based on these inputs, the calculator immediately displays the required height for the protective structure.

As with the standard, the calculator also gives the safety distances for slots, round, square and irregularly shaped apertures through which a person could reach.

Full instructions are provided on how to use the Safety Distance Calculator V2.5, and there are 'Help' buttons and notes about the small differences between the Safety Distance Calculator and BS EN ISO 13857 (the Safety Distance Calculator is designed so that the results it outputs are always 'safe'). Indeed, the Safety Distance Calculator is easier to use than BS EN ISO 13857 and eliminates the ambiguities contained therein.                                                                                
Although it is based on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, no knowledge of this software package is required in order to use the BS EN ISO 13857 Safety Distance Calculator. All of the calculations are performed automatically, leaving the user to select values from drop-down menus and decide whether the application is low or high risk. Procter Machine Guarding recommends that a risk assessment is always performed first, for which the company offers a free Risk Assessment Calculator.

If users require further assistance with calculating reach distances, Procter Machine Guarding can either help directly or put people in touch with appropriate experts.

To request a copy of the free BS EN ISO 13857 Safety Distance Calculator, simply send your email address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 02920 855758


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