Selux and ART+COM present visionary kinetic luminaire “Manta Rhei“

Manta RheiBy combining cutting-edge OLED technology, electronics and control technology, light fixture manufacturer Selux and new media design studio ART+COM have opened a new chapter in professional lighting.

The two partners now present the first results of their exploration into kinetic luminaires – a filigree OLED-based fixture named Manta Rhei silently floating in space while continually changing its appearance. Its 1.2m x 2.4m body housing 140 paper-thin Tridonic OLED modules combines light scenes and movement patterns into a series of carefully designed individual choreographies.

One such choreography brings to mind the gentle movementof the manta ray. Thanks to the use of custom-built intelligent control technology the overall quantity of light emitted from the fixture remains constant. The result is a fascinating combination of light control and kinetics.

The fixture, which was introduced to the public during Frankfurt’s Light + Building fair, consists of individual modules and is freely scalable. The user can select from a wide range of pre-programmed choreographies with the help of a tablet PC, so that the light mood can be adjusted to suit any space or occasion.

The fixture makes use of minimalistic design language, and as a result the kinetic luminaire gives the impression of light freely hovering inspace. By achieving uniform illuminance levels on surrounding surfaces while at the same time borrowing movement patterns from nature the fixture creates a uniquely pleasant luminous atmosphere.

Through the interplay of kinetic aesthetics and the dynamics of the light a new world of lighting possibilities is now available. Classical fixture typology is expanded through the integration of mechanical movement, and new directions open up for the use of organic light emitting diode technology. As a next step, and based on the initial concept study Manta Rhei, a family of kinetic luminiaires will be developed.


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