FREE Handy Toolbelt With Fluke ‘Autumn Specials’ Offers Ideal For Use In The Construction Industry

fluke special dealUntil 31st December 2018, Fluke is offering a free, handy toolbelt to purchasers of a Fluke TiS20 Thermal Imager, a Fluke 971 Temperature Humidity Meter, a Fluke 419D Laser Distance Meter or a Fluke 180LG Cross-line Laser Level.

This range of equipment is ideal for users in the construction and electrical installation industries. These and other ‘Autumn Specials’ offers may be found at

The rugged Fluke TiS20 Thermal Imager is built with features that help the user easily and quickly identify problems before they become expensive failures. It provides up to 120x90 resolution for more detail in every image, even from a distance. It features three pre-sets of IR-Fusion® with AutoBlend which, by combining visible and infrared images into one, reveal key details to help the user find potential issues and make documenting problems quick and easy. The TiS20 works with Fluke Connect® allowing technicians to communicate via the Fluke Connect app and view, record and share thermal images in real time via their smartphones or tablets and automatically upload them to the cloud. Reports can be created and shared from the job site via email. Technicians can collaborate in real time with other colleagues with ShareLive™ video calls, increasing productivity in the field. Fluke Connect SmartView® Desktop Software, for optimising and analysing thermal images, is also included.

The Fluke 971 Temperature Humidity Meter enables the user to quickly and conveniently take accurate humidity and temperature readings simultaneously. It measures dew point and wet bulb temperatures. Temperature and humidity are two important factors in maintaining optimal comfort levels and good indoor air quality. The 971 is invaluable for facility maintenance and utility technicians, HVAC-service contractors, and specialists who assess indoor air quality. Lightweight and easy to hold, and with a protected sensor, the Fluke 971 is built to perform and made to last.

The Fluke 419D Laser Distance Meter delivers accurate, point-and-click measurements allowing for easy measurement of hard to access areas, like high ceilings, without climbing a ladder. It is ideal for a broad range of building/construction, industrial, maintenance, and professional services applications. It provides easy addition and subtraction functions, a Pythagoras function for height measurements, quick calculation of area and volume and comes with a 3-year warranty. The tripod-mountable Fluke 419D measures up to 80m with accuracies of ±1mm, offers a 3-line back-lit display and storage for 20 complete displays, and automated end-piece correction.

The rugged Fluke 180LG Two-line Laser Level produces bright, crisp plumb and level lines across a 180-degree field of view. It features a fast settling, self-levelling gimbal that quickly delivers accurate reference points, expediting electrical and HVAC layouts. It is a self-levelling, horizontal- and vertical-cross line laser level for rapid, accurate (to 3mm at 10 metres) levelling and layout. It includes magnetic wall brackets for easy, stable mounting. The green laser provides improved visibility in long-range and outdoor applications.


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