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Installation of power and data in Cable Management Systems

This cable management seminar combines into a single easy to understand session all technical considerations required for the design and installation of power and data services within the same or adjacent cable management systems (CMS). It also gives an updated overview of the Regulations and Standards governing these types of installations and shows cost effective ways of meeting their requirements. The contents of this CPD are applicable to different CMS including trunking, basket and cable tray, powerpoles etc.

Target Audience
Mechanical and Electrical engineers
Building control officers

To be arranged upon request

At customer premises or at any REHAU location

Number of Delegates
Up to 12 people per session


- Data cables and its relation with network

- Roadmap of regulations and standards directly affecting cable management

- Updated EN50174 (2008) Telecommunication installation requirements affecting;
- Pathway systems (planning and installation)
- Minimum bend radius
- Segregation between power and data (new distances)
- Termination points

- New BSEN 50085-2-1 “Cable trunking systems"

- Cable capacity considerations according to UK power and European data standards

- Visual contrast and control location requirements as per Building Regulations


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