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Light IQ have been accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the British Interior Design Association (BIDA) to present Continuing Professional Development lectures (CPD) on Lighting to trade professionals.

We have created a series of specific and informative lectures with both practical and theoretical elements to provide a clear understanding of the different lighting considerations within domestic and commercial projects.

These intimate lectures are held frequently throughout the year to Architects, Interior Designers and Landscape practices on a variety of lighting related topics.

Our lighting lectures include:

 - Energy Efficient Lighting: Part L1a of the Building Regulations April 2006.
   How to incorporate the new regulations effectively within your designs

 -  Light Effects: Illuminating Architectural Details And Creating Intriguing Effects With Light

 -  Exterior Illumination: How to integrate exterior lighting to a garden

 -  Kitchen Illumination: Identifying and designing of layers of light needed within a kitchen space

 -  Bathroom Illumination: Understanding the new Ingress Protection rating within your designs.

 -  Light and Health: How to balance of artificial and natural daylight to help to benefit our everyday lives.

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