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John Cullen Lighting have been acredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) to present Continuing Professional Development lectures (CPD) to architects and trade professionals.

Two talks are now offered as follows:-

1.  Designing with Light covering the following:-

-  How to use different light sources including the latest LED and energy efficient products
-  Latest Building Regulations examined
-  Where to position fittings for optimum effect
-  Layering of light for added interest and flexibility of  mood
-  Circuiting, control and integration for maximum impact
-  Finessing of lamps, lenses and control to maximise the scheme

2.  How to light Grade Listed Buildings covering the following:-

-  Variables in lighting listed buildings
-  Working with the fabric of the building/understanding limitations and possibilities
-  Thinking outside the box to enhance architectural features
-  Selection of appropriate luminaries and bespoke options
-  Review of traditional concepts with modern fittings to maintain the historical value across a variety of our projects

Each will last 45 minutes with 15 minutes questions.  Back-up literature and refreshments will be available.  Seminars can be organised all over the UK, though a vist to our interactive showroom is recommended to see light in action.

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