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Light for Learning- a technical help presentation
With a myriad of various legislations and guidelines published- ranging from European Directives and industry bodies to the partnership for schools pro–gram- how do you know where to look and what parts are relevant to you? Fagerhults new CPD seminar extracts and simplifies the wealth of information which has to be taken into account when planning an educational building- whilst providing helpful tips on how lighting can play an important part in educational sustainability.

Understanding Light and Colour
Investigates theory of coloured light and aims to promote a better understanding of colour and colour in lighting and, in broad terms, the various design alternatives which are available to the specifier.

Lighting - the Design Perspective
Explores the subject of lighting from the basics of design, current technology to future trends, where the focus shifts to lighting design issues including; lamp types, their characteristics and how they fit with design schemes.

Visual Ergonomics
Looks at how lighting can contribute to a comfortable working environment. Modern offi ces now combine numerous functions within a single space where flexible lighting solutions are necessary.

Part L - Building Regulations 2006
Discusses the main changes recently introduced. These include requirements for an overall building energy calculation of which lighting forms a part, plus a tightening up on the energy efficiency in non-domestic buildings. The definition of office areas has also been expanded to incorporate educational areas such as classrooms. Tighter demands on energy efficiency in dwellings include requirements of one low energy fitting for every four incandescents installed.

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